Great speakers coming to MCPD meeting Monday!

With Disability Employment Awareness month in full swing, the City of Oakland Mayor's Commission on Persons with Disabilities has a couple of terrific speakers lined up for next week's meeting.
The meeting is absolutely free and open to the public.    It takes place in Hearing Room 3 at City Hall in downtown Oakland, from 1pm to 3:30pm next Monday October 14th.
The meeting will include presentations by Bryon McDonald of the World Institute on Disability (WID) and by Tom Heinz from East Bay Innovations (EBI).    
Bryon will be discussing WID's work on their online calculator "DB101", which is an incredibly useful tool for people with disabilities who want to see how their benefits will be impacted if they return to the workforce.
Tom will be discussing EBI's efforts to promote supported employment programs, including the highly regarded Project Search program.
These efforts are crucial in the ongoing battle to help reduce the appallingly high rates of disability unemployment in our State.
We are very excited to be having these two great speakers…and we hope you might join us to hear what they have to say.    
For more information, please email me at or contact me at:  510-364-6795

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